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Captain Nemo Jr and the Guardians of the Reef

This animated series, conceived in 1995 , long before "Finding Nemo", is the brainchild of Frank Shields with character art design by Frantz Kantor.

These are the goofy characters that befriend the son of the fabled Captain Nemo when he crashes his midget "Nautilus" submarine on the Great Barrier Reef.


Captain Nemo Jr helps our fish characters save their habitat from the evil Commander and his ruthless gang of crown of thorns starfish. They in turn lead Captain Nemo Jr on an adventurous journey along the Great Barrier Reef to reunite him with his father.

Character designs by © Frantz Kantor.

WHITEY, the Great White Shark, is a cantankerous fellow, a bit of a "stirrer"

ANGEL, the Angel Fish,
always dependable

GRUMPY, the Grouper, is always depressed about something 

POP, the Porcupine Fish,

is the “Grandpa” of the Reef

MONTY, the Manta Ray, is big, timid, posh speaking

KRAZY, the Crocodile,

a funny "Joe Cool" character

YAKKA, the Parrot Fish, never stops "yakking", drives everyone crazy

COCO, the Clown Fish, is always playing around, forever darting around

DIZZY, the Dolphin, is very young and silly but warm and loving

THE COMMANDER, is the leader of a crown of thorns starfish gang 

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